As humans, what shapes our hearts is the way we think.

That is why!!!

As the devil cast imaginations at you, you cast it out with the word of God.

That is, the word of God must be in you.

The knowledge of God is the word itself.

And the word of God is God himself.

The word is your standard of living.

Never accept anything below the word of God.

Any knowledge or imagination trying to lower God’s standard for you must be countered.

To know what to counter, you have to know what the word of God says.

Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

You need the word to live the life God designed for you.

With the knowledge of the word you know the standard of life, you are supposed to be living.


The number one weapon of a child of God is the word of God and you must learn to use it.


To fight.

You break barriers with weapons. ( You approach the barrier using the word)

You defend and retain your territory with the weapon.

You create with the weapon.

You can transform with a weapon.

You can cause an explosion and diffuse with a weapon.

The word of God speaks to us

The word of God is very intentional.

The word of God can not die.

When you study the word of God, there’s a revelation.

Be practical in the word of God.

Once you begin to carry his glory, never stop.

The moment you decide to carry God’s glory, keep it on.

Never stop!!!