It was really a moment of sorrow for Mr Jiji after he was diagnosed with kidney stone.

Never in his life has he ever thought of been in such a time, you know, life would make it seem like that is the end and if you are not careful, giving up and letting go, might be your only thought.


Well, Mr Jiji’s case wasn’t an exception as his doctor gave him the result of the scan conducted on him.

Mr Jiji was diagnosed with Kidney stones of 3mm.

Onto the next step, It was really a sad moment for Mr Jiji, however, there is a solution, his doctor told him.

Mr Jiji hearing there is a solution quickly sat upright, eager to hear.

His doctor told him, I would recommend some drugs to you but most importantly you have to be on water therapy.

His doctor smiled.

Mr Jiji, not understanding what the doctor meant by been on water therapy, asked for a deeper meaning.

His doctor in reply told him.

There is no deeper meaning to it, than for you to take at least 8cups of water a day.

Mr Jiji who has been listening to his doctor, couldn’t help but open his mouth in awe.

Ohh, don’t be surprised his doctor quickly added.

Water is an essential part of human life, in fact it is the most important, water is nobody’s enemy oooo.

His doctor laughed.

You see me, I take 8 cups of water everyday without feeling tired…

8 cups?

Mr Jiji asked in surprise, doctor how do you do it.

His doctor replied, you don’t have to be sick to drink water.

When you feel like losing it, drink water.

When you feel like letting go, drink water.

When life throws you challenges, drink water.

Don’t stop at that, when you feel like partying, drink water.

(All along Mr Jiji didn’t take his eyes of his doctors lips)

Mr Jiji, you might wonder how I Drink this water effortlessly.
(Doctor picks up his mug cup and take a sip of water)

Mr Jiji, with Hadar Creations INSPIRATIONAL MUG AND WATER BOTTLE, I don’t get tired of drinking water because looking at it gives me life, and make me want more.

Mr Jiji, it is never too late, you are not dying, when you default, take a cup of water using Hadar Creations’ INSPIRATIONAL MUG or WATER BOTTLE.

Your life comes around, and your inspiration comes alive.

It takes just a DM.

Kindly give this paper to the nurse you would meet at the counter.

Have a nice day Mr Jiji, his doctor told him with a smile.

(Doctor quickly calls the reception)

Can you let the next patient in please?