Some time ago, while returning from my workout, I came across two boys who were having a conversation.

Let’s call these two boys Emeka and Joshua.

Emeka and Joshua are friends and one beautiful thing they do together is to play football.

On that beautiful day, Emeka and Joshua were outside, while Joshua was on his way to church, the following conversation ensued.

EMEKA: Joshua are you not playing football today?

JOSHUA: No, I am on my way to church.

EMEKA: You are always going to church all the time, I don’t even see the effect of the church in you.

JOSHUA: (Laughs playfully) “Chai, see insult oo, Emeka don’t worry, you will be the first person to enter my car.”

In less than two minutes, this conversation took place while I was passing by.

Joshua’s response to Emeka brought a deep smile to my face. Immediately, I thought “WORDS FROM OUR MOUTH”

Different scenarios began to play in my head. Will they keep living in the same community till when Joshua gets a car?

Oh No!

These boys would grow up, move to different places, how will they meet again?

Then I thought, the Nollywood style. I smiled to myself, shook my head for I know that with God all things are possible.

But then, it gave me another understanding to life.

The mouth is a huge instrument.

You can do all things doesn’t end with your thoughts.

While you do all things with your hands, it doesn’t end with your efforts.

While you put in efforts in all things that you do, it yields results.

Your result depends on your attitude.

Attitude takes whatever you do to your mouth.

With your mouth, you can say what you want and what you don’t want.

Have you ever thought of what your mouth says?

What your mouth says is a major instrument that gives your life the meaning it needs and deserves.

Your heart can devise a positive or negative thought, but you claim it with your mouth.


Of what abundance does your mouth speak?

Watch it!!!

For when the mouth speaks, it comes into play like the movies.