I have always written and talked against Self Comparison and Unhealthy Competition, I want to remind you today that you owe yourself the duty of care to protect your spirit and mind against those who compare you to others or compare themselves to you.
I am not talking about strangers here, I am referring to those friends and acquaintances of yours who enjoy stirring up strife and the feeling of inadequacy in you in other to feed their own insecurity.
They do this at the time they know you are trying to find your balance and need every encouragement you can get.
They are being powered by ENVY and a desire to see you crash and fall because they are afraid of who you might become if your wings are not clipped.
They are on a mission to distract you and you need to be at alert to ward them off and out of your life.
They are envious of you, who you are, what you would become and what you carry.
One of their strategies to make you begin to doubt your divine attributes and gifting is by comparing you to other people who are doing the same thing as you, or comparing themselves to you in the presence of other people in other to position themselves in a favourable manner ahead of you.
They usually do it subtly and pretentiously, other times blatantly with loud voices in other to raise rumours in your mind and in the minds of others against you.
Be vigilant and remove yourself from the lives of such people or remove them from your life.
They are on a mission to shortchange your journey of purpose.
Wish them well and stay away from their manipulations.
You are unique.
You are one of a kind.
You are incomparable.
Wish them well and away with their drama and negative spirit.
Pray for them to find peace for they are troubled deeply with the cares and affections of this world.
Maintain your own peace and keep thriving.
You are irrevocably blessed!
Written by Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu