One important aspect of life we shouldn’t joke or toy with is the implication of an action we are about to take. What will be its aftermaths?

Sometimes, we live our life “sha” (anyhow) without thinking or having concerns about what the outcome will be.
For every decision, for every action, we should always think of the LATER ON. Having it at the back of your mind that there is a later on, on what we do, helps us sit upright and also helps us think properly before making a decision or taking an action.

Not thinking on the later on, on what we do has affected the lives of so many, as the result of a particular decision or action later turns to regrets of gnashing of teeth.

We should also know that later on, what we do can either birth negative or positive results, that is why, for everything that you do, you have to see the guardian and leading of God.

Now ask yourself this question.


In the journey of life, this is a serious question that deserves a genuine answer because sometimes, we do things out of the desire of our heart, sometimes we do things due to stubbornness,  we do things because we want to prove ourselves to the world, sometimes we even engage in somethings because we feel we are old enough, so we can take or make some certain decisions.

Also, with the massive usage of the internet, we must watch what we say, what we do, and how we do it.
There is a new saying that goes thus “The internet never forgets”.
This simply means that we should, by all means, make the right decision, do the right thing, and do not be carried away by the toxicity of the internet.

Because later on, on what we do will come back to either give us peace or hunt you.
Your LATER ON is a major need that requires 100% attention.