It is very important to know that we are created in the image and likeness of God, therefore, you must see yourself in God’s image, seeing yourself in Gods image makes you a complete being.
However, with the waves moving around, so many people seem to have forgotten that.


1. BE KIND TO YOURSELF: People can not be horrible towards you outside there while you are also horrible with yourself, that is killing. You are the greatest judge of yourself, so be kind with yourself, take it easy with yourself, you are growing, you are evolving into a better person, so take it easy with yourself as you build yourself day by day.

2. CONFRONT YOUR FEARS: Do not hide from your fears, don’t hide from them when you discover that you are fearful of a particular thing.
Confront it, there’s a saying that goes thus: It is those things that we fear the most, if we can confront them, they are the ones that build us into a higher version of ourselves.

3. STAY POSITIVE: Don’t be negative, there is a lot of negativity in the world, there is a lot of toxicity in the world, but stay positive, make your environment positive, relate with positive people, sanitize your environment positively, I love to be positive because it helps me from the inside, confronting your fears brings us close to our dreams as we will be able to build confidence. So you must stay positive.