There is a difference between a Clique and a Tribe even though sometimes they can almost mean the same thing.

A clique is a group of people who always have a person or some people in it who seek to control and dominate others.

This person or persons see themselves as being superior to the members of the group.

You cannot be yourself in such a group.

Your uniqueness can never be respected.

It is a herd kind of thing.

You cannot dare to be different.

Your status would consistently be pointed out to you directly or indirectly in other to exalt the status of the persons or person who feels they are superior to others in such a group.

The day you dare to be different, you shall be ostracized and isolated from such a group.

She further explained that a clique is always threatened easily when you have a mind of your own.

There is a spoken or an unspoken code to behave in the same way and you are not allowed to have an independent perspective to issues or situations.

You cannot shine more than certain persons in a clique.

The day you do is you crossed the line.

A Tribe on the other hand is the people who get you.

No one claims superiority.

Everyone is unique.

Everyone’s uniqueness is respected.

Everyone is allowed to shine.

A Tribe supports one another.

They will go to any length to push one another up.

Your uniqueness is loved and respected by members of a Tribe.

You feel safe in a Tribe.

Your Tribe will never throw you out and cold in public, they stand with you publicly and goes behind the scene to tell you the truth with a pure motive.

Your Tribe will make sure you succeed at whatever it is you are doing.

They see your success as theirs and would do everything they can or need to do to make sure you attain that success.

Everybody needs a Tribe.

They don’t have to be many.

Your Tribe is your inniscircle.

Audit your relationships today and find out if you are in a Clique or a Tribe and do the needful.

To my Tribe, I love you all.

Thank you for loving me also.

Thank you for allowing me to operate in my uniqueness without feeling threatened.

Thank you for appreciating that uniqueness.

I feel safe with you all.

You know yourselves when you read this 😀😀

Thank you, you are the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

And I am happy to see you shine and operate in your uniqueness.

Your uniqueness makes me love you all even more.

Keep shining your light, keep growing.

Keep keeping it pure and real.

Life is more beautiful when we keep it pure and real in our relationships, it is not that hard to do that.

I wish you a beautiful Wednesday.

She said.