The next voice I heard was a terrible one, it kept telling me to kill it, I looked up, hooked with surprise, you mean I should kill?
He nodded a yes and used his hand on his neck to make an illustration, he told me to kill or I die.

I woke up with my body dripping with sweat, one would think I was drenched by the rain, but no, I wasn’t. I quickly sat on my wooden bed and tried taking off my clothes, but I was so weak that my bones cried from the pain. I ended up just sitting by my bed and looking all around me. All of a sudden, I heard a calm but firm voice. Kill it or you die.

I became so scared, I was trying to run, but my feet stayed glued to the ground like a magnet attached to a steel, it refused to be carried. I thought of ending it all, I am tired of managing this so-called attitude called fear.

Let me die, I found myself screaming, I was screaming so hard that I was almost unconscious. Immediately, I felt a tap, I became conscious of my surroundings, I felt a tap again, I looked around but there was no one. Then I heard a still voice, kill it because you can be a murderer just this once.

I relaxed a bit, I had two thoughts. What if I kill it and become imprisoned in my confidence and my confidence fails me?
My second thought said, what if I kill it and I become free from everything fear has caused me.

I was finding it hard to make a decision, however, I settled with the phrase, “It either kills me or I kill it” I smiled to myself remembering that not long ago, I was screaming about dying.

It might surprise you to know that one of the leading causes of depression is fear. Fear varies.
While we might have different kinds of fear, different things that lead to fear in the life of humans, one is a major and leading factor.

The fear of oneself is the key to all other kinds of fear. When you have this fear about yourself, then it is time to take a drastic step, which is to kill it. You have to kill this fear for you to live, else you die.
This fear has led to many causes of suicide and the inherent attitude.

If you can kill this fear, then other kinds of fear that follows will bow to you. The fear of oneself is the beginning of destruction. When you fear yourself, so many things become unachievable because you feel you can’t be more.

Do not forget that the worst action you can commit against yourself is the act of fear. When you fear yourself, you are dead but not buried.

To murder means to kill deliberately, to defeat decisively, to trounce, to trash. And yes, for the fear of one’s ourselves, we can be a murderer just this once.

While we kill fear, we need to be deliberate, else it will deliberately ruin you. When your enemy knows that it is your target, you don’t have to play around again for it not to take you by surprise.