While you might know yourself, it’s paramount that you should KNOW YOURSELF.

Let’s pick this in bits.
What does it mean to know?
To know means to be certain, to be sure, to be familiar with, to be acquainted with, to understand, to be informed, to experience, and to be knowledgeable.

Ohh yes, you might be nodding your head, saying within you, ohhh, I know, I know so many things about myself, who wouldn’t know about himself or herself.

Of course, knowing about yourself goes beyond just your physical appearance.

There are three (3)arms of the KNOW.
Certain, Sure, and Familiar with yourself.

Acquainted and Understand yourself

Experience and Knowledge of yourself.

K: Knowledge
N: Now
O: Or
W: When?

Would you rather have the KNOWLEDGE NOW?

OR are you waiting for WHEN you will be ready?

You really won’t be ready.
Why procrastinate when you can NOW.

With just a dosage of IDENTITY, you are on the right move.
An inexhaustible book, so no reading of it is the final reading, and no discussion ever run it dry.
A book well crafted and one that provokes excellent discussion.

A book that speaks from the original setting which is to KNOW.

How well do you KNOW YOURSELF now?