One of the things many people need to learn is how to accept failure honourably and peacefully.

Sometimes God tells us explicitly that we would fail in a path despite embarking on it, other times He tells us not to bother embarking on it at all.

However we listen to the gods of our flesh, our ego, our pride, we deceive ourselves and prophecy ahead of our faith.

Sometimes God will tell us explicitly that there is no road there, move on, but ego and pride would keep egging us on.

We begin to pray amiss without any form of clarity, we pray wrong and even begin to pray in a frustrated manner, forgetting that frustration after failing to yield to instruction leads to torture and sometimes destruction.

We invest our energy like a stubborn child, rather than move on and follow the route God had shown us initially.

It is not a bad thing to fail, failure is part of life.

Sometimes you need that failure to grow into where God is really taking you to.

Stop viewing failure as a curse.

Many Christians are guilty of this.

They would rather commit fraud, be treacherous than accept failure just to prove that their faith works.

Let’s stop deceiving ourselves, failure is part of life.

Sometimes you need those failures to shapen your humanity and prepare you appropriately for the success.

Lose honourably, fail boldly, stop being stuck because you don’t want to accept defeat.

It destroys your heart and make you a willing tool for the devil.

May we learn how to shelve ego aside, and truly hear what God is saying per time in Jesus name.

Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu.