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Ignorantly Above Mistake.

I’m still shocked at how God takes people gracefully through their journey in life and they become a preacher of doom because others are going through their journey.

The reason you are in that position to preach the goodness of God is so that your recipe for survival will be used by those on the “hospital bed” of life.

The fact that you feel better, discharged and acquitted is not the reason to start telling other patients not to imbibe patience as they go through their journey.

People have different struggles and it’s unique to every individual. You are in that better position so that you can encourage those who are in the previous bitter position you were before you become better.

I’ve been trained, nurtured, enlightened by grace and I give honor to those whom God has used in my life with the utmost praise to God.

I’ve said it countless times, let God strategically and divinely guide you into models that will direct your path in line with your passion and innate abilities. Because…..


To have a role model who humanly makes mistake is a heartbreaking emblem. It beclouds you, the die-hard mentor, to justify the mistake, look beyond or keep mute about it. Or worse still, you ignorantly forget no one is above mistake.

See, when a mentor becomes tormentor….one of the things that happened is the place they are supposed to be using to speak edifying things, they start using it to (fart) mess…

And when it’s intelligently questioned, they call it bluntness. They even justify it by comparing Jesus before he was crucified to Jesus after he was crucified.

May we receive undiluted and unbiased wisdom into the deep things of God.

Enough said.

Nihinlola Ayanfe Latona