Do you see these gangs?

They are Super Heros.
Gone are the days when society would try to label a single mother either by calling them prostitutes, disrespectful women, or even Ogbanje’s who couldn’t hold or take care of their homes.

Presently, so many things have changed, as this Gang (Single moms) has decided to take the bull by the horn by giving themselves a better life along with their children.

Do single moms fall from heaven?
Definitely No.
Single moms came to be as a result of domestic violence, loss of their spouse, or rejection of pregnancies.
It might interest you to know that this gang regardless of what life must have thrown at them, has decided to remain shameless, strong and of course not giving up anytime soon.

While some women are constantly been beaten and have practically turned into a punching bag by their abusive husband, you have decided to endure your suffering because of what society might say and how the society will see or label you.

Rather than let the society deal with their sanity, these gang is constantly winning the society over.

It’s very convenient for some of us to call any single mother irresponsible or question the upbringing or decency of any child just because he or she was raised by a single mother.

Rather than label them, they have decided to carry their shoulders high and give their life quality meaning.

The greatest or ultimate achievement in life is not your marriage rather the greatest achievement is the number of lives you can impact positively.

Rather than label, judge or condemn them, it would be best for us to celebrate them.

They are Super Heros.