Making an impact in the life of an individual is a great show of love that should not be taken for granted, however, impact making is not a personal race but a force or energy of a collision of two objects.

This simply means that while you can make an impact on yourself as a person, you can also make an impact on another person.

Making an impact on another person is one beautiful benefit of a relationship, as this makes the relationship stronger with two or more determined minds, it’s a beautiful thing to be with someone who makes an impact in your life and that impact is also been reciprocated.
Regardless of the kind of relationship you are involved in, it’s a very good thing to make an impact, wherever you are, your impact needs to be felt.

While impact can be either positive or negative, nobody allows themselves to be impacted negatively, except of course if you choose to, however, I would term it as an influence which you can choose from.

Tolu and her friend’s Shade and Lola live together in school, as a result of this, they do things together, they eat together, go to school together and also read together, they wash clothes together and also for each other.
While Tolu might be washing their clothes, you would find shade riding up the room and Lola preparing their meal.
Some days, they cover up for each other in terms of food, books, lecture notes, and also on expenses that weren’t planned for.

They created a great family away from home.
However, in their academics, there was a difference.
While Tolu and Lola leveled up to being distinction students, Shade maintained an upper credit.
This trio wouldn’t take such as they would love to balance the equation of their love.
Their love for Shade couldn’t make them sit back and watch what is happening to continue to happen.

Reading became intense, Shade had to be relieved of her house chores.
While Tolu and Lola would do the house chores, Shade would have to be with her book reading, while Tolu and Lola join her later.

Times and seasons went by and Shade couldn’t meet up to being a distinction student. Yet they weren’t giving up.

Do you know that this could be the scenario in any relationship you might find yourself in?
Do not feel bad, because you have to keep trying, times and seasons do change.

That is, the impact can be made and felt in various ways, while there might be a but, you just have to keep trying. God says Love one another because God is love and anyone that loveth is born of God.
And what makes two people come together to become one is love.

While the impact is been made, there might be an aspect in which impact is been made but yet to show forth results, with a change occurring, it might be very slow progress even a snail might be faster than.

At this juncture, do not feel bad or make the person making the impact feel bad, for no one has a microscope to see what is coming.

Times and seasons do change.