“It is not everyone who is good to you that you must open your life to. There are some people that must be left at the “sitting room” of your life, no matter how good they are to you.

Some at the gate, some just in the compound, some at the front door, some at the balcony, some left in the sitting room. Not everyone belongs in the inner room of your life!

They mean well. They are nice and good. But they can’t absorb the reality of your own reality, they can’t understand the process of your own journey. They’ll make you think down of yourself, your scars would be rubbed on, your pain would be fed. They won’t be able to give the kind of friendship you crave. You understand that kind of friendship I’m saying, you my kind?

When they haven’t walked your kind of journey in your style of shoes, they won’t understand the depth of your questions, cravings and ponderings. Your kind of wandering would make then wonder how someone can be this filthy and they’ll turn up their noses at you in their hearts even when they are good to you, it’ll manifest in their other dealings with you. And when you see it, it’ll make you go and despise who you should be grateful to! Because you’re expecting them to be who they’re not because they’re good to you! You gẹt?

Ha, am I revealing too much? But you know I’m walking ahead on this path so you wouldn’t trip where I fell 😊. You’ll have your own experiences too , if this is your kind of journey, but your scars don’t have to run deep as mine! The pain can be carried for life if it runs too deep!

So, honor them. Learn from them. Wish them well. Don’t allow any bitterness, it would compound your pain which you’re working to overcome and build moles of diseases inside your soul. And they’re good to you already, remember? So that’s good enough. Just pay it back to them, and forward.

It’s just that they can’t be in the space you’re in! Don’t pour all your heart cry to them! They’re not your burden bearers anyway, right? It’s enough that they’re good to you, that’s OK. Be grateful for them. Don’t expect too much from them. Everyone has their journey

Maybe you already recognise and have a relationship with The Holy Spirit. Very very basic need, I tell you.

But I know you want friends, you need people you can connect with! I understand. I identify. I relate; there’s that craving for that “person”, those people, that “friend”…

Don’t worry. Keep on. PAY attention. You’ll find your own tribe. Your own kind of tribe is rare, but they’re available, you’ll find them, believe me. With your scars and all, they’ll embrace and identify with and support you! They can disagree with you but won’t use anything against you and will help you to see more clearly the beauty your scars have drawn around you!

Your scars are drawing beautiful shapes all over and around you afterall! Ha, you don’t know yourself honestly.

I speak to you from experience, my kind. It’s not everyone who is good to you that you must open your life to. Be good to them too, but know that they might NEVER understand your journey. Some people must be left at the outer courts.

I wish you clarity, in all.

Written by Sola Allyson.

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