While growing up, my mum would always tell me never to walk with someone else’s time.
This became a constant reminder.
Intially i was thinking on how I can walk with someone else’s time, because I was yet to understand the meaning behind it.

Growing up I have come to understand what it really means.
So I set down this simple equation.

When you see two individuals walking along the same part, while one might be walking so fast and the other walking, not like a snail but not so fast as the first man, it does not mean that the later is lazy neither does it mean that the former is more hardworking.
But it does mean that to every man is a particular time, season and Grace.
You can’t journey in the same manner someone else choose to journey.

You might ask yourself WHY?
Ever heard of what works for A might not work for B?

This brings me to your O’clock.
Life brings different strokes to different people.
While you choose to walk through a part and it brings so much great results, another might choose to walk through the same part and it would bring little or not results.

Do you know that you might be in the same line of business with someone, while that persons business seems to be blooming, yours seems to be crawling.
Do you know that it would be of great value to you if you go ask the person of its secrets to a blooming business, but it would be unjust to become envious when you try the technic the person told you but it isn’t working for you.

Walking at your own pace doesn’t mean you are slow, it doesn’t mean you are lazy, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there, it doesn’t mean God has forgotten you but it does mean that with you doing the right thing, at the right time, you would definitely get to your own destination.

With this, one paramount aspect of living life to its fullest without wanting someone else kind of life is SELF DISCOVERY.
Self discovery is the compass to living life truthfully.

It’s not bad to want good things, it’s good to want success, it’s good to taste for better things.
But if it’s not coming forth like you expect, don’t feel bad, you don’t have to be jealous of another.

Keep doing the right thing.
Delay is not denial.

Not every movement is forward and not every change is growth( Tope Mark Odigie)