Self Discipline is a chapter in my book IDENTITY and one of the things I wrote under this chapter was that “people who are self-disciplined are not controlled by their emotions.”

So when I listened to one of Joyce Meyer’s messages recently and she said “your emotions should never determine how you forge ahead in life” something leaped in me and I felt this connection with her.

Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes are the distant mentors I have in my life, and they have really helped me indirectly to gain so much clarity and boldness on my journey as an Identity Coach.

I listen to some of their messages nowadays and I run to my book Identity and I see something similar that I had written as far back as 2018.

Listen, dear friend and follower, find the right mentors for you, this is very important.

Find the people who understand your purpose to walk your journey with you directly or indirectly.

Get the right energies into your life for your journey.

See when you are surrounded by the right energies for your life and purpose, even when they tell you the bitter truth, you accept it wholeheartedly without feeling any iota of shame.

This is because they will communicate that truth from a place of love and sincerity of heart which in turn will help you grow.

When you find these distant and close mentors, digest their materials and see your life make a sudden transformation.

I was lost in this space sometimes in 2017 December while going through a bad patch when I ran into her live chat.

You have no idea how that live chat changed my life and business acumen forever.

As a matter of fact, I saw that day as a day God demonstrated His love for me by connecting me to my business mentor that particular season.

Find the right MENTORS for you and close every channel to every TORMENTOR in your life.

Words by Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu.