The hallmark of true friendship is Truthfulness, Love and Sacrifices
I have never seen any friendship that survives without these three key factors.
We all know that it is very rare now to find true friendship, BUT IT SURE DOES EXIST.
However, nowadays most of what we see around are strife, unhealthy competition, envy, jealousy, gossips, intolerance, judgement, condemnation and insecurity in most friendships.
It is not supposed to be so.
Let us look inwards and examine the word FRIEND critically before we call people one.
Don’t call just anyone your friend.
Be intentional about this, it is very important.
Make sure the way you feel about someone is exactly the same way they feel about you before you call them your friend.
What do you bring to the table as a friend?( this is another topic entirely on its own)
If I am friends with you I am thinking of how to add value to your life, if I share a deep bond of friendship with you then my openness and sincerity would be unquestionable.
I am a very transparent friend once I share a bond,  and I expect the same thing in return.
Friendship thrives on SINCERITY and TRUST.
If these things don’t exist then what you have is a FLUKE, you had better redefine it before someone gets hurt.
Friendship is beautiful, and everyone needs a good and sincere friend who has your best interest at heart just like you have theirs too.
Above all ask yourself about the kind of friend you are and also need.
Be that kind of friend first to the ones who you recognise as your true and sent friends.
Yes,  some friends are specifically sent to be our friend, be discerning enough to recognise them.
Cherish and appreciate what you share with them.
Protect your friends, don’t throw them under the bus.
Misunderstandings and misgivings happens in friendship, don’t expose secrets in the process.
Be tolerant, ego ruins friendship.
Communicate misgivings before it festers.
Don’t assume anything in friendship, do not also use the game of assumption to hurt your friends.
Communicate, dialogue, be open.
Openness is key!!!
Be sensitive, be very very sensitive, most especially if you cherish a friendship.
This is where the sacrifice part comes in.
I am a very very sensitive being around my friends, the last thing you want to do, is to be a trigger to a friend you cherish, it happens to the best of us.
Most especially if you are the type who loves to say anything, anyhow and anywhere.
I read recently on sister’s wall on Facebook how a lady who recently committed suicide was crying for help on her post on Instagram. A friend of hers had written an epistle, a sub that was mocking the deceased after she made her post for help.
I am just wondering why she didn’t reach out to her friend at her most vulnerable time,  rather than mock her in an epistle on her own page.
A word of encouragement, a prayer with her, a listening ear, empathy would have done a huge magic, and might restore such a friend from her level of depression and pain which could make her receive the necessary strength she needed to pull through and come out stronger.
It is not always about you having money to give such a friend or not, often times it is about the sincerity and encouragement you can give, this is another topic on its own.
I think social media has done a lot of harm to friendships.
Many of us are not just responsible enough with our usage of social media.
We just want to write anything anyhow without minding if we hurt the people we love or who loves us.
A friend who exposes you at your most vulnerable state is not your friend, it is a trigger and your life could be at risk.
Be intentional about your friendships, if you have no truth, love and sincerity to offer, stay very well on your lane.
You are well within your right to do so.
It would also do the world and you a whole lot of good.
Friendship is a topic that we need to explore.
It is a very vital part of our lives and existence.
It is a vital part of the lives of the coming generation and our children.
May God help us to be good friends to our friends, and may we be friends with those who would love and cherish us as much as we love and cherish them.
So ask yourself, what kind of friend are you?
Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to see to see you again.