God is so kind to have given everyone a dream or dreams, our ancestors had dreams, our village people are also dreaming, either to Mar or to Make.

Often times have I wondered how little letters with mighty words came to be, giving it a direct meaning of each letter that constitutes such word.
Definitely, our God is mighty.

A supernatural force,
Gust wind of determination,
Enriched with a desire for greatness,
Sweetened by the love for mankind,
Dreams have come to stay.

Sleeping on an old rusty bed,
Dreams would come.
Eating with a wooden, rusty spoon of poverty,
Dreams would surface.

Never forgetting the amazing sense of mankind, determination, desired ability, even love for mankind, dreams will fan up.

It’s never too small, your dreams are never little, I would say your dreams are you.
With persistence, perseverance, your dreams would fan up to its peak.

Do you feel weak at this time?
Stay strong.
Stay safe to stay healthy.