MEANING: Continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition, or previous failure.

Perseverance is an attribute everyone should strive to have.
There’s always hope for something amazing happening when you persevere than when you give up.
Giving up stops every positivity that could have happened when you strive to work hard.

We all have set goals, and wishes, plans, and dreams. The road to success is never easy. And so we should always know that challenges are constant tools on the road to achieving success.

We all have places we want to be, goals pictured in our minds.
We also have the challenges staring at us hard in the face.

Are normal.

we’ve heard of stories of Great men who didn’t give up, The difference between these Great men and the Ordinary man is the Power to Persevere.

In every situation you find yourself, try as much as possible to remain firm, hold your head high, and be strong. the more you do this, the more it increases your chances of overcoming the next challenge.

The word for someone today is to keep striving..
Keep pushing.
*its tough* but YOU’RE TOUGHER