Process is extremely underrated, and despised in this age and time.

The street lingo is Hustle and Blow!

This has conditioned people’s head and heart to seek quick success in whichever way available.

We sha must blow!

Our hustle must pay!

We even look down on people who talk about process and are given to it.

We mock them, we label them, we laugh at them.

Some would even say “aye n shee o n tan ra o ni oun go through process hahaha!”

(Village people are after you, but you are deceiving yourself that you are going through process.

On the other hand they can say “see this accursed and poverty stricken being talking about process” hahaha.

This is how much our generation despises process.

I have found a secret and it is called PROCESS!

There is a time for everything under the sun.

If you evade your process and fast track your journey, you might have missed the vital source which could hold down the foundation of your success firmly.

Stay the process, go through it, learn, garner the right wisdom and knowledge.

You are not called to prove anything to anyone.

Be wise, enjoy your processes, if it is hard, endure it and keep working and praying.

They are all a part of the full package, you will get to understand this as time goes on……

Anyone who despises or mocks your processes are not people you should keep around you.

Guard your heart,

Stay alert,

Be given to process.

They are priceless!

Stay the process and March into your glory.

I wish you a beautiful week,  Happy New Month.

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I am the publisher you need, send me a message and let me walk you through the process.


Don’t stash your dreams up.

The Identity Coach
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