Often times we do not celebrate out growths enough. We are so fixated on what others think about our growth and we allow them kill our joy in the process.
We are not grateful for our little wins so we allow the joy to be easily drained out of us by what people think.
Your growth matters!
Tell yourself this on every little improvement and wins you make.
No matter what anyone thinks, or how they downplay your growth, understand that their opinion do not matter.

You are the one who matters in your journey of life, and every achievement, wins, growth matters and supersedes what anyone around you thinks.
Learn how to love yourself above all negativity.
Whenever I make a win, I know how to spoil myself and celebrate. I do this sometimes with people who matter in my life, sometimes I do this alone.
There is this joy that comes from the inside whenever I celebrate my win.
It propels me to even win more.
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It encourages me to do better.
Sometimes we are around people who do not want us to celebrate our wins, they feel we should wait till our win is big enough to be celebrated.
This is not right, because if you get used to not celebrating your small wins either with people who matter in your life, like your spouse, children, siblings or with yourself alone, then you  will not also feel comfortable celebrating your big wins.
It’s a state of mind, and once you get used to being laid back about your wins, then gradually your joy gets sucked out and you won’t even be able to celebrate your big wins.
I am not saying you should announce to the whole world regarding  ALL your wins, I understand the place of secrecy too, however celebrate with people who matter, or sometimes even celebrate alone, and be thankful to God for how far He has brought you.
Life is beautiful, celebrate YOU, celebrate YOUR growth, celebrate YOUR wins!
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