The title of this blog post is funny, I know hahaha.

Here was how it came about…………
I was listening to a conversation between some women recently and two of these women were full of so much anger for the people who didn’t congratulate them on a new achievement.
I smiled, while at the same time I was taken aback by the amount of venom they displayed while talking.
I was watching them and marveling at the amount of disgust they exhibited just because some people refused to congratulate them on a new win.
And it got me thinking…………………………………
“if your joy becomes snatched  just because someone did not congratulate you on a win, then you have some internal issues that you need to deal with.”

Sincerely, you do not deserve that win in the first place if you lose your joy because someone decided not to validate your win.
It is understandable to be hurt if you are the type who is usually genuinely happy for people, however you should not allow your joy to be taken away because somebody who often times is not even family has refused to congratulate you on a new achievement.
We humans,  most especially women love to live in so much denial.
If someone has refused to congratulate you and you have ruled out the fact that they were not aware, then understand that they are not in to you, and they are communicating that to you openly by refusing to congratulate you, so stay on your lane and enjoy your win.
You should not even bother to seek for closure, unless they are family or closer than a friend.
I have seen people getting angry at random people for not congratulating them on a win, and I am usually taken aback at the extent of their hurt.
Their refusal to congratulate you has nothing whatsoever to do with your win, neither has it reduced it or snatched it from you.
We women major on the minor sometimes and these are part of the things that creates undue problems in our lives.
You should even be grateful someone is openly showing their non interest in you.
That is one person down from the list of the people you should worry about, and who should also stay away from.
Personally, this is my own way, I find it extremely difficult to prance around people I am not comfortable with, I show you openly I am not comfortable with you by giving you a wide berth, and I am most grateful if you get the message and stay on your lane without any hassles, rather than try to drag me into your circle by force.
However I have discovered that some of us women prefer people who are two faced around us.
We give credit to people who prance around us in open support, meanwhile they are killing us before others in secret.
On the social media space, you see people who have destroyed others via inbox, still laughing openly with one another.
And these are the things some of us women prefer.
In other to keep safe, people have now mastered the art of pretense in order to avoid being labelled.
And this is so pathetic, and extremely dangerous.
Learn how to accept people’s rejection of you graciously, rather than communicate directly or indirectly to them on how how you prefer PRETENSE..
Let people be free to choose you and if they don’t, let them go graciously rather than label them.
And if they let you go too, move on graciously rather than label others for rejecting you.
Life is so easy if we let others be themselves in as much as we want to also be ourselves.
May we not use our own hands to dig our own graves.
Learn how to activate your discerning spirit.
Stop forcing people to celebrate or congratulate you.
People who show you they are not into you are better than those who pretend to you that they love and support you, whereas they hate you deeply inside.
That they celebrate you openly does not mean they cannot harm you if they have the chance, it does not mean they don’t hate you.
In this era of social media if you don’t learn wisdom then you would be buried alive.
Be wise, be discerning, and be prayerful.
Stop obsessing over people who celebrate you or not.
Love yourself, celebrate yourself, clap for yourself, stand up in celebration of you irrespective of whoever is not celebrating you.
How you see yourself is embedded in how God sees you and that’s all that matters.
You matter, and so is your win irrespective of who celebrates you or not.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again.
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Image Credit: Depositphotos