Deola is a christian, on Sunday her Pastor called her into his office and the following conversation ensued.

“Hello, sister Deola, how are you today?”

“I am fine Pastor, bless you sir.”

‘Bless you sister Deola, I need your help.”

“Here is sister Margaret, she needs an accommodation for the next one month pending when she can get a place of her own.”

“She just got a job and she needs to get her first month salary in order to complete her house rent.”

“I would be very glad if you can help me house her till then sister Deola.”

“Yes Pastor, yes sir I will.” said sister Deola in all excitement.

“Bless you sister Deola, I knew I could always count on you.” said Pastor Mike while he was grinning from ear to ear.

“You are always welcome Pastor, I am happy to be of help anytime sir.” Sister Deola responded happily.


As sister Deola stepped out of the Pastor’s office, she hissed silently and cursed under her breathe.

She started to think of how she was going to accommodate sister Margaret.

She had two of her siblings staying with her in her one room self contained apartment already.

How in heavens would she accommodate this useless sister Margaret for God’s sake! She thought.

She began to think of a way out, became so agitated and her head started to pound and ache while her heart was full of so much resentment against her pastor and sis Margaret.


This is what a  people pleaser goes through.

They are more concerned about pleasing people and putting themselves in a difficult situation.

They care about their image and what people are going to say about them, than they care about the true state of their heart and their motives.

Of what use is a good you do when your heart is filled with so much resentment?

Have you forgotten that God checks our hearts?

In 2020, don’t be a people pleaser.

Do not say yes when you mean to say NO.

Say no if that is what you mean, and anyone who gets offended chooses to be so, you are not responsible for their feeling.

Stop being afraid of rejection, or fearful that if you say No you would be judged.

By all means we must strive to do good, but we must also follow our heart at all times so we do not displease ourselves, or act good as a result of approval.

When we become addicted to approval, then we become a people pleaser and this can destroy us from inside out, even affect our health.

Don’t be a People Pleaser in this new decade.


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