Happy, happy new year!!!

It’s a new year already, and there is something special about this year, its 20/20 meaning 20 over 20!

How do you feel when you score 20/20 in secondary school back then?

You feel on top of the world, you feel liberated,

You feel like a star!

This year is giving us all the opportunity to be this, and even many more things.

However the work lies in our hands, and we have to be intentional about everything we need to do this year.

No delaying,

No dilly dallying

Find your solitude,

Separate yourself

Drown out the noise and begin to work at your goals already.

Heaven will smile on us this year

But we must do our part without breaking.

I am doing my part already by leaving all traditions behind and working at my dreams and visions already.

Normally I would not write today as part of my culture, but I am being INTENTIONAL by making this Blog post to kick start my year intentionally.

Start the work already, set your goal and time for each one.

May we all win on all sides.

I wish you 20/20 in year 2020 in Jesus name.

Stay blessed.

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Happy New Year and catch ya!

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