My journey as a writer started in 2016 February.

I remembered hearing it loud and clear that I should open a blog, I was like what?

A Blog?

Everyone is a blogger, I hate copycat syndrome!

However at the time I heard, I had just failed a job interview, a job I thought I was qualified for

My husband and I were living in Germany then, and our son was just a year old.

I had become restless, and I wanted more out of life.

I was doing a second Masters in International Dispute Resolution at this period, however I really wanted to work to support my husband and not just rely on shipping stuff to Nigeria and having most of my money tied down by creditors.

The news that I did not pass that interview crushed me and as I laid on the rug, I cried so much, wiped my tears and began to question God.

In the midst of those questions I was asking God dejectedly, I heard that soft whisper, ‘START BLOGGING’ I stood up in all agility, I knew that was the Holy Spirit but I was so reluctant in my heart because I knew nothing  about blogging.

How do I create a blog?

How do I go about it?

People will mock me

They will accuse me of being a copy cat

I will not fit in

What do I want to write?

What do I want to blog about?

Those where all the questions that rushed at me in waves, but I stood up anyway, I started finding answers on Google.

I landed on blogspot, but I didn’t like the lay out, I did further research and that was how I found myself on WordPress.

I told my husband about it, he was excited I had snapped out of the sadness that overwhelmed me since the day before, he paid for my subscription, and I landed on a space that was so alien to me.

WordPress was so alien to me, and I told my husband I knew next to nothing about building a website, how do I do it?

He told me, “Jumoke Pray, God will show you.”

You need to understand that at this time my brain was closed on anything tech, however after praying my eyes opened up and I began to build that website with so much ease, wherever I got lost or confused I went to Google or their help section on WordPress and I found solutions that I could implement.

For the next few days I kept working on this website and afterwards I launched!

It was such a beautiful feeling, back then I blogged every Tuesday for the next one year.

Now there were two major lessons I learnt by obeying God on that day, and several blessings I have received just because I moved when God said I should.

I have learnt never to doubt God again when I hear Him speak!

Sometimes what God tells you might be so difficult at first, your flesh might revolt against it, you might be befuddled by what people would say and their judgement, but you must learn how to move when God instructs you.

Move Without Delay my friend, a new year is coming, Move Without Delay!

Secondly, that single obedience can lead you to several channels of blessings, blessings immeasurable, channels innumerable, Move Without Delay my friend!

And the blessings in that simple obedience in opening a blog?

OMG, I cannot even count!

It was through writing, I HEALED.

Writing opened me up, I saw buried pains flow out of me,

I saw buried memories gushing out through my fingers while I typed, I never knew life had cut me so deep, writing healed me, I have been irrevocably blessed through one single obedience.

I have heard several instructions after that one single instruction and I have moved without delay.

I have become an author of books, I have graduated into a Publisher, just the same way I heard the instruction of blogging, I heard PUBLISHER too and I moved immediately.
I have  published books for other authors, built website for others, I have become a designer, a Creative Director, an Identity Coach, built a brand to encompass all this, a brand named HADAR CREATIONS, we also create shirts with bold inscriptions based on IDENTITY, business or personal identity.

I have been blessed to do things I never dreamt of doing, just because I summoned up courage to obey one instruction.

Has the journey been rosy? Oh no!

I have faced hurdles, I have fought battles, I have failed at some projects, life has happened, but one thing that keeps me going is that I am so sure this is my path, and I am not giving up!!!

Ahead ahead I move!!!

A new year is almost here in few days, what is God telling you to do?


I want you know that ‘He that started a good work in you would complete it to the end”  so move in fear,


Thanks for reading and for visiting my blog, I hope to see more of you.

I am back and better to write more in this community henceforth just like I have been writing on Facebook consistently.

If you don’t find me on Facebook anytime,  you can always find me here going forward, so subscribe to my newsletter from the front page of the blog so you can get my new articles each and every-time it comes on.

Compliments of the season.

Lots of love

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Thank you.