One of the people that you really need to stay away from if you want to progress in life are gas-lighters.

Gas-lighting can be defined as a “malicious and hidden form of mental and emotional abuse, designed to plant seeds of self-doubt and alter your perception of reality. Like all abuse, it’s based on the need for power, control, or concealment. Some people occasionally lie or use denial to avoid taking responsibility.”

Gas lighters are often times associated with spouses, however they can also come in any form into our lives. They could be a friend,  boss, parent, acquaintances, church member, extended family name it!

These set of people are so cunning and so slimy that they would continually mess with your head and blame you for it.

They would put a lot of negativity on you, then go ahead to deny this fact.

They would continually hurt you, belittle you and tell you that you are too sensitive and petty if you react.

They are full of so much negative criticism for you, and their intention when they criticise you is to feel superior to you and to belittle you.

They are very good at pretending about their actions, they would make the whole world believe that you are the problem while they keep on hurting you at every opportunity they get.

2020 is almost here, If you really want to succeed, If you really want to stay mentally healthy or make good progress at your goals, stay far away from people like this.

They are a great impediment to your progress no matter the kind of relationship you have with them.

No matter how important you think they are to you, or how much you think you love them, stay away from people like this so you can focus and win at your goals in 2020.

Such people are a huge distraction to your progress, your mental capacity is equivalent to the relationships you have in your life, do yourself a favour by keeping the right relationships in your life and around you.

It would be 2020 in few days, shed all the baggage.

Make YOU your number one priority.

Keeping bad relationships as a result of any form of validation is a huge mental torture that you need to detach from.

The people who would get angry that you are taking care of you, your mental heath and growth are the exact people you do not need in your life.

If you take the leap of faith, you would always find the right people for you, never forget this.

Compliments of the Season.

Thank you for reading, I am back and this time around this community shall be brimming with articles that will improve you, your life, and my aim is to keep you coming back for more.

I remain your Lady,