I wrote this on April 7, 2016 when  this blog was just barely a month.  I was undergoing some challenges and felt a huge weight on me as regards this path I have decided to yield to and if I would be able to withstand the challenges and oppositions that might come along.  I hope you get encouraged and inspired.

You need to understand that not everyone, infact only one percent of the people that surround you would believe in your dream, you need to be prepared so you don’t get shocked by the changes that would hit you like a sledge hammer when you begin a new venture or project.

You need to understand that after you begin, and you expect huge support and encouragement, that is when it will dwindle, people would begin to avoid you, and would not want to be associated with you. Some people would even be scared of being the first to offer you words of encouragement when you obviously need it. Suddenly every one is tip toeing and walking on tenterhooks around you.  Peradventure your venture is that which is social media friendly, your likes on social media would dwindle and you might not even see one comment on your post to reassure you that people can see what you posted.

You need to understand that some people would develop a huge resentment towards you and your venture and you would wonder if you and these people are struggling over a land. You need to understand that some people are silently following you, watching all your moves, watching all these things happen to you and they are deriving a huge satisfaction from your perceived failure.

They are happy that no one is seeing or hearing you and it’s giving them a huge validation.  You need to understand that the road to success is filled with huge bumps, road blocks and obstructions that never seem to clear up.

You need to understand that there is no friend out there when you begin to walk in your purpose.  You  need to understand that some people would go to any length to stop you, they will cook up stories and cook up accusations against you, they will take offence at you for no reason and continuously fight you with their minds.

You need to understand that only one or two people would hold your hand, cheer you up, encourage you and watch out for you, you need to treasure this people because they are your angels and they are the only ones that truly believe in you and foresee where you are going.

I tell you my friend, you need to understand the power of prayers, you need to speak to God on directions and you need to walk with Him so you remain in your purpose. I tell you there is always a sunshine after the rain, this sunshine is attainable only if you remain steadfast, only if you remain tenacious, only if you remain unmovable and unshakable by the darts the dark angels of rememberance (like my friend Oluwaseun called them) and accusations are throwing your way through their minds and actions. You need to be very strong my friend, nothing good comes easy.