It is with great pleasure today that I share this beautiful news here on this blog, and with my readers.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about starting an online publishing platform for authors. At the time I wrote that article sometime in February that dream was not very  clear. I was just writing as I received. I knew I must begin first even without the vision being very clear. At that time I knew next to nothing about graphics and I was still trying to get a grasp on that thing that looked like magic *rolls eyes*.

Well today, after practicing, designing eBooks, designing banners and social graphics, I was able to perfect my art each blessed day. I did some graphics for people free of charge in order to perfect my skills. It was very practical for me and it was a case of adding value to others in order to add value to myself. And oh yes, it paid off greatly. The compliments I get today on my graphics, and the recommendation I get each day gladden my heart. I am nowhere near being perfect yet, but today I can proudly refer to myself as a graphic designer and a publisher, yes a soon to be the best publisher of our time. A publisher with a difference who also mentors and coaches women to walk in purpose and unearth their treasures to change their world. In order to get more insight into our publishing platform which is our second website please click on this link to read our story on the day we newly launched our online book store and website

The good news is that today the 9th of May, Hadar Creations’ first official author outside my own books got published. The title of his book is THE DICTATOR. I feel so excited that my dream, vision and mission is getting fulfilled, it feels so liberating and I feel charged up and very inspired.

“The dictator  is the true life story of Joseph Brandon. The book did a whole lot of exposition on children growing up in a dysfunctional home where their choices are eroded as a result of anger, pressure and control. The book demonstrates the disaster that usually happens when parent imposes career choices on their children. Above all this book is a must have for parents who have children, who needs to understand their male children, and it is a must have for every young male adult who is FINDING SELF.

This book is a full package and what is inside is more than what a mentor or a coach can offer.”

Do you want a copy of the Dictator?

Then click on the link below to order your copy online

And if you want to pay directly, please send an email to or oluwatosin@hadarcreations I will send you the Nigerian bank account to pay into after which you would get your copy in your inbox.

Our mission statement in Hadar Creations is “We publish to unpublish from your mind, in order to publish you”. Tell a friend to tell a friend that we are the publishing house next door and we await your knock so we can publish your impactful work.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for visiting my blog.

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