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About Me


Hello, you are welcome to my website and blog!

In this community, you would find compassion, understanding, encouragement, an outpour of love, emotions and a thorough analysis of several issues that affects you, me and our society at large.

I am very passionate about three main causes, and they are women, children and our overall mental wellness as individuals either male or female.

I didn’t just get to realize this in a day and began writing as a result of that. I had the heart for women right from when I was a very little girl probably because of my background, and I loved children also.

As a matter of fact, while I was a little girl, many children wanted to be around me  just because they felt the magnetic pull of the love I had in my heart for them.

As I grew and became mature, the realization of the life women and children are subjected to in our society began to dawn on me. Many of our African culture had a way of subjecting women to a lot of hardship, and this burns my heart so deeply each time I witness it around me.

I knew sometime soon, I have to challenge this status quo and be a mouth piece for my fellow African women, and also for the mental wellness of children caught up in tumultuous homes and marriages of their parents.

I was burning with so much passion, and this passion led to the beginning of my online advocacy through various articles  that began to address some of the issues African women faces.

One of such articles was understanding post natal depression for the Nigerian mother which was first shared on Bellanaija a popular Nigerian website and blog, you can find the link to the article HERE. That article opened a lot of discussion from fellow women who were burning inside with so much pain of what they had to face as a new African mother with no one to understand how they were truly feeling.

Some of the women who shared with me on that platform had not even heard the word post natal depression before. They were just suffering in silence. That article opened my eyes more to the anguish the African woman and mother faces, and this led me to write and birth my first book, titled Motherhood and the Society.

Everyone who has read Motherhood and the Society has been greatly blessed by it. It speaks from the heart of womanhood like never before.

Subsequently I wrote From the Perspective of the child, another powerful book that would leave you in awe and change your perspective about marriage, separation and divorce forever.

You would understand the psychology of children caught up in this scenario and you would come to the realization that it is our collective duty as adults to raise children in a peaceful and loving homes devoid of war and chaos.

Life on the social media space and bullying is another aspect that burns my heart, and this led me to write my first work of fiction which depicts life on Facebook and the various vices of cyber bullying and how to deal with bullies.

An exposition and excerpt of all my three books can be found here.

Be rest assured you are on the right space here with me,  I value your presence and your feedback from time to time.

Walk  with me on this journey and let us inspire and affect lives positively.

Oluwatosin is a Lawyer, she has a Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the Cardiff Metropolitan University United Kingdom, and also has a LL.M in international dispute resolution from  Humboldt University Germany .

She is a trained arbitrator, negotiator and mediator.

Her mediating skills are clearly evident in her books which advocates for women, children and against bullying of any form.

Oluwatosin is a  writer, a child and women advocate, a mental wellness counsellor and a relationship coach.


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